Engineers & Climate Change

Monday, 22 June 2020

On June 17th Woodcraft Folk held an online induction evening for volunteer engineers who have stepped forward to support young people to learn about engineering solutions to the climate emergency,

During the online session, the team learnt about the Royal Academy of Engineering funded project, whose aims include:

  • To provide bespoke and imaginative training to 40 engineers
  • To assist engineers to design and create interactive educational content, promoting the use of enginnering concepts to address the climate emergency
  • To engage with 2,300 children and young people, helping them to learn about engineering, climate science and climate emergency solutions
  • To produce online group and social media content on the climate emergency and engineering solutions
  • Evaluating the effeciveness of engaging with children and young people as a means if increasing public knowledge of the role of engineering in addressing the climate emergency

During the session we explored what is an engineer, responses included:

  • Making things better
  • Problem solving with a purpose
  • Knowing enough to appy it to real world problems

The team will be:

  • Delivering online content as part of #DreamBigAtHome
  • Face to face sessions with local Woodcraft Folk groups and schools in the Autumn & Spring terms
  • Promoting Woodcraft Folk at Latitude festival 2021

If you are interested in joining the team please visit this webpage or take a look at a recording of the webinar for more information.