Elfin Singalong

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Elfin music Singalong

On Sunday the second of February Volunteers and children gathered to sing some Woodcraft songs, learn how to play the drums, to hear some great stories, make our own shakers, play some great games and did a rhythm workshop which was a lot of fun for all of us.

We met at Illington primary school at 10:00 and started off with some circle games to get to now each other and thereafter we heard a great story from …. who brought the story to life through acting together with the children. Afterward we went straight into

 the workshops and after creating the first shakers with old bottles, beans and some colorful decorations. We had a lunch break where all of us ate together.

After lunch we had some great parachute games outside with some free play time. Following that we continued with our workshops, which ended with lots of nice shakers to take home and some really nice presentations of the drums workshop. Also some individual groups decided to present some things their prepared in group sessions beforehand.

And all this thanks to Linda Osborn, Tom Searle, Isabella, Elli, Declan, Josie, Ruth and many more leaders, who made the event successful. Also we will like to thank all the children and parents who helped to make this possible.

Written by Josie and Ruth (EVS volunteers)