Education for Social Change

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Woodcraft Folk is the co-operative social educational movement for young people. Our Aims & Principles state that: “We will work to develop the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills necessary for our members to act to secure their equal participation in the democratic process that will enable them to bring about the changes that they feel are necessary to create a more equal and caring world.” Unfolding global and national events have brought these aims into sharp focus. 

Human rights are under attack in this country and around the world. We condemn those who attempt to divide communities and sow the seeds of hate. We re-state our belief that human rights are universal and our commitment to working to uphold these fundamental rights here and abroad.

International solidarity has always been a core value of Woodcraft Folk. The connections we have forged between young people and youth organisations have enabled generations of people, across continents, to campaign for and progress human rights. 

We have a depth of experience in educating around these topics, raising consciousness and building hope. Groups and Districts across our movement are exploring these issues. In line with our Aims & Principles, “We will educate our members so that they may take these issues into the wider community”

Led by our young members, we will work together to educate ourselves and others, to take action and to enable our young members to engage clearly, effectively and safely in the public debate about these challenges to our fundamental values.

We encourage all our members to engage in their communities, to show solidarity with those whose rights are being attacked and to work to ensure the voices of the powerless are heard and will be offering support in campaigning and organising to those who need it.

We will not stand quietly whilst bigotry and prejudice become enshrined in the public dialogue. We will continue to fly the flag of international solidarity, to promote social equality, to defend fundamental human rights and to foster hope through these dark times.


If you would like to cover issues around Human Rights and the Right to Refuge in your group you might find the following resources helpful:

Red Cross's Positive Images of Migrants pack

Amnesty International's Power of our voices pack

Quaker's Teach Peace education pack

If you have used other session plans or have ideas to share please do not hesitate to get in touch or share them on the Woodcraft Folk Facebook group.