Dyfrdwy Gwerin y Coed Peace Camp

Friday, 18 July 2014

Dyfrdwy Gwerin y Coed Peace Camp July 2014 Llanfihangel GM

Dyfrdwy District (and delegation from Eryri) had a wonderful weekend camp at the Crown Inn in Llanfihangel GM, Denbighshire. The site was a strip of grass between woods and river which had to be reached by driving over or walking through a ford. It was a fantastic place to camp even though there was not enough space for the traditional circle of tents. A full moon shone over the camp on Friday night while we cooked vegetable soup and toast over the fire.

Elfins and Woodchips from Dyfrdwy have recently earned their Woodcraft Folk Forest School badge and they all demonstrated excellent awareness of the fire, helping to light and tend it as well as cooking their own toast and marshmallows.

Swingball was a popular activity for a quick game on your way from the kitchen / fire to your tent.

Although no one forgot their plate bag... some people just prefer to share their rice crispies, especially as a mid-morning snack.

A walk to the local playground helped us discover this beautiful storytelling chair with words from Wordsworth carved into it.

When Wordsworth visited in 1824, he wrote about the beauty and peace of the area. (Perfect for our peace camp!) An extract from the poem:

A Stream, to mingle with your favourite Dee,

Along the Vale of Meditation flows;

So styled by those fierce Britons,

pleased to see In Nature's face the expression of repose;

Or haply there some pious hermit chose

To live and die, the peace of heaven his aim;

To whom the wild sequestered region owes

At this late day, its sanctifying name....'

On Sunday, everyone took part in a workshop designed to introduce key Woodcraft concepts of Peace and acceptance of difference to younger children. Gwerin y Coed has been developing these resources with thanks to Cefn y Werin for a grant of £500. The workshop was based on a role play about what we would do if an Alien planet was under threat of exploding and the Aliens wanted to move here. We tried out our Alien walks and made ourselves into human sculptures of what the Aliens might look like. The children also gave suggestions about how we could share the planet. One woodchip suggested we made a tent for them.