#DreamBigAtHome success

Monday, 11 May 2020

On May 7th Woodcraft Folk launched #DreamBigAtHome - Woodcraft Folk's remote and virtual programme for children and young people.

A new website with 100s of activities was launched https://dreambigathome.uk/ which has already seen over 1,700 visitors. Over the coming weeks additional activities will be added - if you have suggestions please email lauren@woodcraft.org.uk

Launch day ended with story-telling by actor Krissi Bohn watched by 998 people to date - it is available to watch again at https://dreambigathome.uk/storytelling-with-krissi-bohn/

The #DreamBigAtHome team continue to offer weekly challenges and LIVE programme, this week's programme includes:

- Monday 11th May virtual social action looking at fake news

- Tuesday 12th May virtual camp fire

- Thursday 14th May story-telling followed by a session on climate change

- Friday 15th May a session for volunteers looking at the future of Woodcraft Folk and our COVID19 exit strategy

The #DreamBigAtHome team are also seeking funding to distribute activity packs to families who find it difficult to access online content or don't have a stash of craft materials in their home. If you can help sponsor a pack of make a donation please visit  https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/dreambigathome