DF Camp and Althing 2017

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Hi all, 

This is just a quck reminder to book now for DF camp/ Althing (and to tell all the DFs you know to book for DF Camp/Althing) and some more information on the event.

From the 1st-8th of August, in Borth (Wales), DFs (16-21) from all over the country are coming together for a week of magical, enlightening fun. Organised and run by DFs for DFs, DF camp is an amazing opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new ones and develop essential Woodcrafter (and life) skills. The activities on offer will include workshops on every subject imaginable: from consent to conflict resolution, games and crafts and walks through the beautiful Welsh country side. And don’t think the fun ends with the sun, for the nights feature enough musical performances to rival any music festival. Glastonbury who? Shambala what? So, for the low, low price of just £12.15 a night (£85 for the whole week) come to Borth for what will surely be the best week of your life.

DF camp is usually a week of solid fun that is over far too soon. This year is different. Althing is a two day long event where DFs can gather to set the agenda for the coming year, elect new committee members and stand for committee themselves. All Thing 2017 will be taking place from the 8th-10th of August, directly after DF camp and in exactly the same place. Not only does this mean you can postpone post camp blues by 2 whole days and not only does this mean you save on travel but it also means you personally can contribute to DFs: by proposing and voting on crucial issues and nominating for, running for and voting for committee roles. Costing just £20 extra (£110 for the whole trip), DF Camp/Althing 2017 is a must see DF extravaganza!!


Further information can be found on the booking form and will be emailed to you once you have booked.