Dear members: please don't undermine teachers' right to strike

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dear Member

You may be aware that an article in the press last week revealed that the DfEE have issued new guidance to schools, suggesting that they use volunteers to stay open during the teachers’ strike planned for 26th March. General Council believe that this is an underhand way of undermining the ability of Trade Unions to negotiate on behalf of their members.

As an organisation that believes that trade unions play an important part in creating a more just and equal world, General Council believes it would be inappropriate for our members to participate in this initiative. While respecting this is a matter of individual conscience, we therefore call on all our members to respect the right of teachers to withdraw their labour and not to volunteer in schools on 26th March.

General Council have issued a statement to the media (for download below), in which we have called on other organisations to follow our lead by asking their own volunteers not to take part, and it would be great if you could pass this to your local media and trade union contacts to spread the message as far as possible.

We would also like to remind you of the excellent “Right to Strike” education pack we have on the web that you may wish to use in exploring some of the educational issues around the right to strike.

Blue Skies

Pat Hunter
Chair General Council

Press release - Woodcraft Folk urges volunteers not to undermine teachers' strike.docx15.81 KB