#DBAH Steering Group

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

The #DreamBigAtHome volunteers are looking for some people to help develop the #DBAH activities and explore how we can continue to deliver remote and online programme activities as lockdown continues and even in a post Covid-19 world.


Could you volunteer for #DreamBigAtHome?


There are a range of roles available for volunteers as part of the #DreamBigAtHome team, including:


- Photography

- Social media support

- Delivering LIVE programme activities

- Developing or editing activity suggestions

- Creating topical weekly challenges

- Joining the #DBAH Steering Group


If you are interested in volunteering please email lauren@woodcraft.org.uk


#DreamBigAtHome Steering Group


The #DreamBigAtHome team is looking for volunteers to help shape its future, helping Woodcraft Folk continue to reach children and young people, including those new to the Folk.

We are looking for members of all ages, including people of colour, Venturers and DFs, to help make sure #DBAH is a high quality inclusive project sharing Woodcraft Folk’s aims and principles remotely and virtually.

Could you give some time to:

  • Evaluate activities, consult others and make plans to improve #DBAH

  • Work collaboratively with other volunteers and staff to make #DBAH as good as it can be

  • Join a project steering group meetings to support #DBAH to be sustainable 

  • Support fundraising efforts

If you have an interest in values based education, website development, youth participation and/or marketing please get in touch.

For more information contact debs@woodcraft.org.uk