David Bowie Tribute Summer Camp

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Ground Control to Major Tom 

This summer, Reigate and Redhill District descended on Park Farm, a campsite run by Woodcraft Folk. This was a new site for us, and a new direction in the theming of camps!

We have tended to theme a camp about a local place or historical person – but this time we went with broadening our cultural knowledge into the relatively recent history – back into the youth of some of the leaders! Prehistory to the kids!

As well as having clans named after 4 of the eras of David Bowie’s music – yes there were at least 4! - each clan made a 10ft high ‘Bowie Head’ of their era. We took the space exploration theme up with making a withie and tissue paper rocket (each clan made a section). We had a real live Major Tom in our young leader Tom Critchley, who obliged us in dressing as an astronaut!

Campfire Pizzas – Pioneers had practiced on stoves at group nights, but this was the real thing with real waiting, real burnt bits, but more yum for it!

Alien Tea Party – everyone rose to the challenge of making creative costumes out of paper and arriving and dining in their peculiar way, like a star wars inspired café

Camp finale - it wouldn’t be a Reigate and Redhill district summer camp without dressing up (see our Pierrots), silly performances and burning stuff. Each clan had devised a performance for us around the field, all loosely connected, including (historical accuracy aside) re-enacting scenes from Bowie’s life!!!

Then to the camp fire for a final rendition of Space Oddity and lighting the 

Park Farm was a great place to camp – they have kitchen tents erected for the summer on concrete bases, with cooker, fridge freezer, sink, plugs and pots and pans! And we benefitted from the next group having already erected their marquee. Anyone familiar with the task of arriving somewhere and installing a kitchen and marquee will appreciate these luxuries! 

We didn’t get to make the most of the fantastic woods and bushcraft areas as our programme was packed– but will include

 time for that when we next camp at Park Farm. The fees are more than reasonable and to show our appreciation of the resource there, we returned to help the Park Farm organisers put the camp site to bed for winter.

For more more photos see the complete newsletter attached below!! 

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