Cudham Unveils Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

As some of you know, we have been fundraising for some time to upgrade our bathroom facilities at Cudham. It’s taken while but has definitely been worth the wait. With help from all our users, volunteers and support from the movement, we’ve done it!!

On 1st April, Peter Dixon, our longest serving volunteer at the Centre + Joint Vice-Chair of Cudham Committee, opened the bathrooms for the first time. Those attending including Doreen and Cyril Neary who have volunteered with Peter at the Centre for the last 40 years - and still help each Wednesday! Together with district volunteers, friends of Cudham, committee members and a few of our contributors, it was a very proud and special day. The groups that have used them since cannot believe the difference. We are all VERY happy!

What had to be done to get to this point: Knock out the middle toilet, build a new extension, fit soundproof flooring throughout the existing dorms; install a fully accessible wet room, plus additional four new bathrooms (2 with toilets and hand basins, 2 with toilets, hand basin and shower cubicle). The extension has sensor lighting and beautiful tiled flooring. It didn’t stop there… the hallway and all the bedrooms were repainted and finally carpet was laid throughout. It all looks and feels wonderful. 

We still need your help though….. The existing bathrooms remain in need of decorating, so if you would like to help by

 making a donation towards this, please see link below for our go-fundme campaign. We have a target set of £5,000 and currently have just over £2,000 raised.
Donations can be accepted either via the above link or directly to the Centre.
Massive thanks from all at Cudham. The support from all our users has been incredible and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We do have some vacancies over the summer so if you would like to book in please get in touch