Cudham Adult Reunion

Saturday, 4 July 2015

On Sunday the 4th of July over 40 people came together for the Cudham Adult Reunion. 

It was a wonderful day with volunteers from the whole of Cudhams history coming together to celebrate and remember past events and people who have contributed to the success of the centre.

Original volunteers who had been part of Cudham being owned by Woodcraft Folk, plus visiting adults friends from the centres past right; up to the present committee and group leaders from far and wide joined together to make the day very special.

The memorabilia from past visits to Cudham, international and Woodcraft camps was amazing, thanks to everyone who contributed to what I described to a friend as a pop up museum exhibit.

There was also an opportunity to flick through photo album of events and activities at Cudham, a memory wall and the launch of our building fund.

The Cudham circle was very moving hearing everyone's memories, watching friends link up after years and to see the Centre is still so special to so many people.

As the day came to an end there was a fire and bushcraft as dampers were cooked, to the sound of singing by an ad hoc choir, that was truly delightful and as songs were sung from across the decades it felt like a visit from absent friends .