Covid-19 Financial update

Monday, 22 June 2020

Like many organisations, at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis Woodcraft Folk faced financial insecurities. In April we predicted lost income of nearly £1.5 million as groups and centres closed and we were focused to postpone Common Ground, it felt that the best case scenario would see us make a £150,000 loss and struggle to meet the financial costs of adapting.


Since then many steps have been taken to improve and better understand the financial situation across the movement:


  • Thanks to all the local and centre treasurers who have shared financial information and updated budget forecasts
  • Tourism and Leisure funding worth £65,000 has been recieved to support our network of Centres and campsites
  • Locally and nationally steps have been taken to reduce costs, suspending venue bookings, reducing utility costs etc.
  • Groups and Districts have contributed more than £15,000 to meet essential governance costs
  • Many Woodcraft Folk staff have experienced periods of furlough, enabling the organisation to financially benefit from the Government's Job Retention Scheme and enabling roles to be retained as we begin our preparations to reopen
  • Grant funding has been applied for locally and nationally
  • Grants have been recieved from Community Links Bromley and Sports England, as well as extensions agreed to our Scottish core funding and project funding in Falkirk
  • The JustGiving campaign has raised nearly £30,000 (thank you)
  • Individual fundraisers have undertaken personal challenges to encourage donations


The organisation is still in financial need as we prepare to reopen, but no longer in financial crisis. The costs of reopening are significant as we invest in training, improving hygiene and introducing new infection control measures at our centres and campsites.


As a movement we still have ambitions to increase and widen participation through #DreamBigAtHome, to improve and add to our remote and virtual participation we still require financial support. If you are able to support our ambitions please visit 


Your donation could help us deliver summer holiday club activities, volunteer training, #DreamBigAtHome activities or LIVE programme activities.


If anyone has any questions about Woodcraft Folk finances or other governance issues please contact