The Courier Online AGM & Elections 2014

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello one and all Woodcrafters,

The time has come again for The Courier to hold it's annual elections, this year things are working slightly differently as both the AGM and elections will be held entirely online.

Courier AGM

This year we ask you to send any feedback, questions, gripes, praises and anything else related to The Courier over the last year to us on . We also ask that you send us suggestions for what you would like to see more / less of in The Courier .


The elections themselves will also be different in that we will be electing 5 editors, those 5 editors will then take on the different various roles as required for each issue, this will allow the team to skill share and rotate roles allowing everyone have a go at the many different aspects of putting The Courier together.

The skills needed to be an Editor for the Courier are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration and an ability to compromise
  • An interest in graphic design and good visual communication
  • An interest in story telling and good written communication
  • Ability to travel for editoral weekends

But most of all enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills. The Courier is a balance of great writing and beautiful design. Editors should value both although there is support and training available for those who have never dabbled in journalism before.


We now have five nominees that have put themselves forward for the 5 Editor roles as part of The Courier team.