Coop Young Members

Friday, 26 February 2021

The Coop Group are looking for fresh thinkers to join their Co-op Young Members’ Group. Applications are welcome from 16-25 year olds today. If would be great for DFs and Young Kinsfolk to be represented.


The Coop Young Members Group gives six inspirational young people aged 16-25 the opportunity to take on challenges from across the family of Co-op businesses, helping to develop products, services, campaigns and strategy with young people at the core and making sure that young voices are heard within Co-op. 


They are looking for three young people to join our team. Being on the CYMG will be challenging, exciting and a lot of fun, and will give team members a real boost for the future. It is a paid role working remotely but still as part of a team, it works out at about 4 hours per week commitment. 


Please find attached an info pack which details more on the role. 


Applications from 16–25-year-olds are now open. Here is the link to the application form. 


The deadline for applications is midday Wednesday 10 March. 


Please direct any questions to 

Co-op Young Members' Group Info Pack 2021.pdf1.38 MB