Coop Good Causes Fund

Friday, 7 June 2019

 Woodcraft Folk are encouraging all local groups to apply for the last round of Coop Local Causes Fund. The fund is very flexible and your project must either:

  • help a local community come together to save, build, fix or improve indoor or outdoor local spaces
  • support the mental or physical health of a community through wellbeing activities
  • help people reach their full potential by developing their skills


The criteria provides lots of opportunities for Woodcraft Folk groups, including:

  • Improving the local landscape, a community allotment, community orchard, regular litter picks or encouraging more outdoor play with Play Out events
  • Regular groups night, which we know contribute to the wellbeing of children and young people giving them confidence, resilience, friendships for life and barrel load of skills
  • Training for volunteers and young leaders, everything from leading a group to first aid
  • Activities to increase and widen participation e.g. play outs, partnership activity with your local Mosque, Young Carers group, launching a new group or an older age range

To support groups in their application Folk Office have produced some guidance, attached to the news story.

The deadline is Sunday 16th June 2019. If you want any help or support please contact 

Co-op Guidance and Questions 2019 (1).pdf741.84 KB
Coop Good Causes Fund FAQs.pdf515.6 KB