Communities & Co-operatives Workshop Series - 15% off for Woodcraft Folk

Friday, 13 March 2015

The people behind STIR magazine - a quarterly publication that promotes co-operative and community-led alternatives - have just organised a 6 month programme of training workshops. These workshops will introduce participants to new tools, innovative strategies and the practices that can enable us to face up to climate change, financial inequality and the other social problems we experience.

There are workshops on renewable energy, craftivism, community co-ops, co-ops for young people (18-29), shared assets, alternative finance, design and communication, citizen journalism and many others.

The workshop programme has been designed using some of the best practice around strengthening local economies, sourcing local, co-operative food, working with young people, bed-mapping local hosts and discounts for green travel.

We’ll be offering local food lunches to workshop participants, sourced from local co-operative food producers and members of the Land workers' Alliance. It’ll all be cooked in our Wonderbag non-electric slow cooker.

Come join us, get inspired and take some of these alternatives back to your own communities and organisations!

Programme and booking:

If you are a member of Woodcraft Folk we’d like to offer you a 15% discount on any workshop place! (workshops suitable for 16+). To take advantage of this offer email us at quoting ‘Woodcraft Folk’.

We also have a bedmapping scheme that connects workshop participants with local hosts at the low-cost of £25 per night. If you need accommodation please let us know.