Come and cooperate at IFM-SEI Camp 2016 in Germany!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

 Lets make a really Woodcrafty cooperation tent at IFM-SEI Camp 2016: Welcome to Another World.


Remember Global Village? Were you at Train for Change? Never been to a big international camp? Well the next massive IFM-SEI camp is in southern Germany this summer and preparation is well under way but I need some help. There will be all kinds of exciting activities, parties and new friendships and I have volunteered to organise the cooperation theme tent.

We want to make this a truly international tent with contributions from all over the world but I also want help to show off Woodcraft’s style of cooperation. You could come and run cooperative games, demonstrate open space meetings, discuss our historical links with the cooperative movement or even something not that woodcraft related. Please feel free to suggest things! There’s more information on my plans for the centre below and you can watch this video to get excited. I got a wonderful tingly feeling watching it. These camps are well exciting!


Brief description of the tent:
"Cooperate for another world! Cooperation is thriving all over the world today and we will be celebrating all of its variety through cooperative histories, crafts, games, discussions and more. We will have activities about things like worker owned businesses or consensus meetings and decoration that every visitor can add to. A cooperation tent should be run cooperatively so let’s cooperate together! Lass uns kooperieren! Vamos a cooperar!"

More info on the camp here:

Some program ideas which you could help organise:

  • Daily focus on different kinds of cooperation (worker coops, housing coops, consensus decision making, anarchist cooperation, collaborative art etc)
  • Collaborative comment wall on what Cooperative/Cooperation means to different people from different cultures around the world. It can mean a lot of different things!
  • Practical workshops on how to run open space discussions, how to do consensus decision making, how to set up a housing coop etc.
  • Making large withie lanterns in a group for a procession.
  • Cooperative solutions to climate change
  • Films about cooperation like this one:
  • A day where all the theme tents dedicate their program to issues around refugees.