Co-operACTION Toolkit Launched!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

IFM-SEI has created the Co-operACTION Toolkit for Young Co-operators and leaders to use with their groups!

This handbook is one of the results of IFM-SEI’s Co-operACTION project. The Co-operACTION worked to promote the co-operative model of enterprise to young people at risk of unemployment through education, exchange and practical experience of setting up co-operative enterprises in 11 local communities.

Youth groups from Falcon organisations in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe learned about the values and principles of co-operatives, developed their own business ideas and set up small youth co-operatives that are now up and running in their communities, including a group of young people in Waltham Forest Woodcraft Folk (see more about them in the toolkit).

This publication will encourage and help you to go through a similar learning process with your group. IFM-SEI wrote this publication particularly for group leaders who want to support groups in setting up a co-operative. However, you can use the materials you find in here to think about and discuss co-operatives and co-operative enterprise as group night activities.


Follow this link to check out more IFM-SEI educational materials. 

Co-operACTION Handbook.pdf1.4 MB