Climate Science Training Opportunities

Friday, 14 February 2020

As part of Woodcraft Folk's 'All Change' project we are delighted to be able to offer two new training events:


1. All Change:Evidencefor Climate Change, March 12th 2-4pm at Angel Square, Manchester 

Delivered in partnership with the Perimeter Institute this fun evidence based workshop will provide a hands on experience for those looking to support young people's climate science learning.

Anthropogenic climate change is one of the most important issues facing young people. Join us as we explore the basic science behind climate change and introduce a new educational resource that will help young people build a better understanding of this important topic. The Evidence for Climate Change resource is the product of collaboration between classroom teachers, Perimeter Institute researchers, and climate scientists.


To reserve your place on this event please visit


2. 'All Change' Climate Science Education, April 8th & 9th at Biblins Youth Campsite. Herefordshire

Taking place alongside the River Wye in an AONB using only renewable energy, come and join us for a fun and interactive training event.

Young educators will lead the programme which aims to:

- Give teachers and youth workers the climate science knowledge they need to respond to concerns and questions of young people

- Provide teachers and youth workers with a toolbox of interactive activities to support young people to explore climate science

- Signpost and share educational resources focused on climate science


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These events are open to all educators: teachers, youth workers, Woodcraft Folk leaders and peer educators.


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The 'All Change' project is funded by the National Association for Environmental Education and is supported by the Association for Science Education.