ChildFair State Survey

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What does the welfare state mean to you? 


Perhaps it's schools, hospitals and money to help make ends meet when times are tough? Perhaps it's the safety net that we all help to create, and we know is there for us and our families as our lives change? Perhaps it's a maze of application forms, assessments and waiting lists that seems to say 'no' more than it says 'yes'. 


Young people working with Children England have lots of different definitions, but they agree that the welfare state is too important and too fragile to be left to one generation of decision-makers - children and young people need to have a say in how we revitalise and re-imagine all the different types of support it provides. Some of the issues they've experienced, that they believe need to change, are: dangerously long waiting times to get mental health support; poor housing for young people leaving care; and schools that punish children rather than trying to understand them. They're building up a vision for a new welfare state that puts children's and young people's needs at its heart.


What do you think? We know young people in Woodcraft Folk will have lots of different experiences and ideas about housing, health, education and local community services. Can you help our Young Leaders by completing their short survey, picking out the areas of the welfare state that are most important to you and sharing your suggestions for improvement? Your views will help to build a new vision for a ChildFair State,​ which we believe is more important than ever.


Start the ChildFair State survey here: Thank you!


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