Changes to the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) June 2013

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

From 17th June 2013 the Disclosure & Barring Service are introducing the DBS Update service.

The new Update Service will allow organisations to carry out Status checks on individual’s DBS Certificates so there will be no need for some members to continue to apply for DBS checks. As long as they have subscribed (optional) to the Update service their certificates will benefit from being portable and time saving. Volunteers can subscribe to the Update service free of charge when they apply for their next DBS check, if they have not already subscribed via another organisation. Guidance on ‘How to subscribe to the Update Service’ will be inserted in every DBS application.

Once a member has subscribed to the Update service the only information they will need to provide us with is their DBS certificate number, date of birth and consent for us to carry out an online status check instead of completing a purple DBS application.

One other significant change to the DBS application process is, when a member applies for a DBS check only the applicant will receive a copy of their DBS certificate from the 17th June. This has been introduced by the Disclosure & Barring service to give the applicants more control over their personal data.

Every applicant will have to show us a copy of their DBS certificate with the help of the Membership Secretaries.

In light of the new changes to DBS we have created the following forms to make it easier to report back to us:

  • DBS Update Service checks form – To be used when a member has subscribed to the Update service.
  • DBS Certificates Return form – To be used report back to Folk office when you have seen a members DBS certificate.

Copies of these forms are attached along with a flow chart on how the new processes will work.  All are available for download in the resources section of the website. 

All other procedures relating to DBS have not changed.

If you wish to read more guidance regarding the update service and all other changes to DBS go to:

If you have any questions regarding the above or any other membership related question please do not hesitate to contact Leanne  on 020 7703 4173 or

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