Central England Cooperative Members Meetings

Wednesday, 31 October 2018
At the Central England Cooperative Members' Meetings in early October, Woodcraft Folk were represented in Peterborough and Norwich. Norwich Woodcraft Folk took some activities and had a stall at the event at Norwich City FC, whilst one of our Pioneers from St Neots, Kier (12) gave a speech about what he likes about being part of Woodcraft Folk at the Mariott Hotel in Peterborough. 

His speech included his favourite things such as “the games we play at camp such as capture the flag, generals and magic (a murder mystery), the campfires (well, when I say campfires I mean marshmallows and smores), the food: we tend to have really nice food, I like chilli, hotdogs and fish and chips ( last day at camp), the festivals: we go to Latitude, folk east and Greenmeadows, the social: I’ve made a lot of friends at Woodcraft the group nights: really good fun as well”. 
Everyone was really impressed with his speech and the other cooperative members came up to him after to ask him and others attending from St Neots district more information about our groups. Several of our groups receive ongoing support from the Central England Co-operative Society, for which we are extremely grateful.