Celtic Camp: a Myths & Legends tale

Sunday, 17 August 2014

150 Woodcraft Folk friends from Scotland and Wales met for a hugely successful Celtic Camp 2014 this August. The competitive nature of the preceding Commonwealth Games was a marked contrast to the co-operative nature of the camp. As one Edinburgh Elfin succinctly put it "It was good".

The site was on a lovely organic farm near Coldingham on the east coast of Scotland. We helped the farmer with tree planting and ragwort pulling. The weather was great most of the week with the occasional rain shower. This Glasgow Venturer explains that clan duties are the best way of dealing with Scottish weather, "Rain was fun because I was making food in the kitchen".

Districts attended from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Machynlleth and Dyfrdwy with the youngest participant just three months old. We camped in two villages with a joint activity area with a woodchip activity tent, large marquee, campfire and portable loos!

Activities were based around the theme of Myths and Legends and included mythical creature making, storytelling, crafts, singing around the fire, circus skills, an elements wide-game as well as trips to the beach and the local swimming pool.

Here are some views on some of the activities:

"I enjoyed doing arts and crafts" Glasgow West End Elfin

"I had a wonderful day at the beach in the sunshine - and I think everyone else did too" Glasgow West End Adult

"Circus skills was really good" Edinburgh Pioneer

"I loved swimming at the Dunbar pool" Dyfrdwy Elfin

"The worst bit was sticking your fingers together with superglue" and "eggy bread conducts electricity" Glasgow West End Venturer

"The best bit was the flumes at swimming", Edinburgh Bruntsfield Woodchip

With news reports of Britain being hit by the remnants of Hurricane Bertha we decided to break camp a bit early. This did not stop a last night outside ceilidh with an amazing sunset as the backdrop and we still managed to get all the tents down in the dry - just!

Departing comments included, "I really liked that everyone's included" from a Newhaven Pioneer and "There was lots of hugs" from a Glasgow West End Venturer. The Machynlleth Venturers group managed to safely negotiate driving down the country through the storm.


With thanks to all those who made this camp happen, and to Newcastle Three Rivers for the loan of equipment.

More photos online here:  https://flic.kr/s/aHsk1UYBqa