Celebrating youth work

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

If you volunteer with a Woodcraft Folk group, this invitation from the National Youth Agency is for you:

Transforming Lives: Youth Work Stories

The National Youth Agency (NYA) is embarking on a major campaign to help people better understand the value, breadth and role of youth work in the UK today – whether that youth work is provided by professionals or volunteers, and with disadvantaged young people, or those who have had a solid start in life. We’re asking the UK’s youth workers to tell us – and the rest of the UK – the story of how they make a difference, in their own words. Those stories will be in a video format, and the most effective stories will be shortlisted to win a monetary prize, to be donated to a youth project of the filmmaker’s choice.

And that’s why we’re coming to you for help.

We need a few, brilliant, example videos to load onto our campaign site (going live in the next few weeks) and would love for you to help by providing a video. An outline of what we need is below – but it won’t take long, and can be done on any smart phone.
Please let us know if you’re willing to help us and, in doing so, help tell the story of how youth workers are transforming the lives of young people up and down the country.




What’s the aim?

We’d like to you tell us how the work you do with young people, aged 13-19, helps transform their lives. Are you helping them learn new skills? Are you helping them contribute to society, explore their own values and voice, or develop positive relationships with adults and/or peers? Does the project help them work through serious issues?

Remember: it doesn’t matter whether you are a paid, professional youth worker, or someone who volunteers in a youth project just once a month – every story is important to us.

How long should it be?
Ideally, between 2-3mins, and certainly no longer than 5mins.

What style should I use?
It’s up to you. You might want to film something happening at your project, or film your co-youth workers in action – or be filmed yourself. Or, you could be interviewed to camera, or interview a colleague or young person. Ultimately, be as creative as you like!

Who can be in it?
Whoever you decide to include in your film, either directly, or in the background, must first give the necessary permissions. We’ve got a template attached which you should get everyone in your video to sign. If they’re under 16, their parent or guardian must give permission. If you’re filming in a youth work project, the lead youth worker should also give permission.

How do I do it?
Make your film using a smartphone, upload it to You Tube, then email the link to transforminglives@nya.org.uk.

What’s the smallprint?
Full Ts&Cs are attached below; by sending us the video, you will be agreeing with these.

NYA video call - T&Cs - for seeded invitees.doc35 KB
NYA Video consent form - for seeded invitees.doc487.5 KB