Celebrating Hands In and Geocaching

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Woodcraft couldn’t have picked a better time to get involved in the Geocaching community. As we are placing our first few caches of Hands In 2013, you helped the Geocaching community passed the 2 million active caches milestone.

Currently Geocachers are passing around this thank you video to people that they feel have made a great cache. All the Woodcraft caches placed so far have been amazing and I’m sure those about to places a cache will be amazing as well, so this is for all those Woodcraft groups getting involved in Hands In this year.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=goAfLm3Njvo

Swindon will be one of the groups this message is going out to as their cache went live  on the 18th of February; it can be found here


I spoke to Bernie Marsh, one of the leaders and he explained the benefits to his district:

It was a great activity for all our groups to get involved in and it really helped them all to cooperate in one activity. The biggest benefit has been the new interest in the district which has already led to us recruiting two new families. This has mainly been down to the postcards that are included in the pack. We customised these by colouring them in and then added our contact details to the back as the pack explained. While we couldn’t promote Woodcraft through the cache description, we were able to do it through the postcards.

Basically I recommend you go on and do it, it’s a good activity and could be something new for your groups to do.


Hands In 2013 Geocache Map

See below a map of the Woodcraft geocaches placed for Hands In this year so far:


The caches are:

If your cache isn’t on this map but published then please let me know (joe.wyatt@woodcraft.org.uk) the cache number or name and I will add it.

For some members Hands In wasn’t their first experience of Geocaching , please find some past Woodcraft caches below:

Hands In Geocoins

At Leaders Old and New the first Woodcraft Hands In 2013 Geocoins were set free on their adventures:

  • Woodcraft Folk Cheshunt (travelled 23miles) with the goal To travel the UK visiting YHA Hostels.


  • Woodcraft Folk Leaders Old and New (travelled 50miles) with the goal To meet Leaders Old and New


If you have requested a Hands In pack then two Geocoins will be on their way to you in the post.

These weren’t the first Woodcraft Geocoins released, as Woodcraft Geocoins can be found as far Africa and the West cost of America. All Woodcraft Geocoins are listed here:



Celebrating 2 million Caches





As well as the special thank you video, the geocaching community is celebrating the 2 million caches a few in different ways. They can be found here:



Thinking outside the cache

Found them? Placed them? Now it’s time to think outside the cache:

Has your group got the Geocaching bug? Why not set up a community event based around it using the Action project fund. Find out more here: http://woodcraft.org.uk/action-projects

Earthcaches are placed at interesting places in the world and rather than finding a cache at the site, the cachers have to answer a set of questions using information from the location to prove their visit. Learn more here http://www.earthcache.org/

Cache In Trash Out is an environmental initiative supported by geocaching. It encourages geocachers to pick up litter when they go out geocaching. Learn more here: http://www.geocaching.com/cito/

Other ways to join in the Geocaching world:

Geocaching official blog: http://blog.geocaching.com/

Geocaching official forum http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/


If your not yet involved in Hands In this year, you still can but be quick as there is only a few Geocoins left!

To find information on how to get involved with Geocaching, look here.

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