Camping equipment insurance available for groups and districts

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Groups and districts at some point may want to consider purchasing equipment insurance for larger items such as tents, marquees, camping equipment, parachutes etc. These items should be insured against things like damage and theft.
Woodcraft Folk offers all groups & districts the opportunity to join the national policy and insure their equipment.

The current cost of insuring equipment for groups is £10 per every £1000 worth of equipment plus a 10% admin fee. It is an annual policy and renewed every March. Invoices are prepared and sent out to Group & District Treasurers shortly after the point of renewal.

As we approach our renewal date it is a great opportunity to consider joining our policy now. If you would like to go ahead and insure your equipment with Woodcraft Folk or have any questions contact

All of our insurance details and guidance is available via our website at