Cambridge Youth Debate Student Fees

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

As part of National Parliament Week, Cambridge District hosted a debate with local politicians.

The house motion for the debate was:

"This house believes that the Conservative and Lib Dem coalition were right in raising tuition fees to £9000 per annum"

Melinda Rigby and Rosy Moore were supported by other Cambridge Youth Group Volunteer Leaders, as well as staff and students from across Cambridge Senior and Sixth Form Schools, to set up a truly cross community event. Sixth Form film students are currently producing a film of the event which will be available in due course and would make interesting viewing for Woodcraft group nights.

Melinda and Rosy invite other Venturer and DFs nationally to run their own events too. They have put together this helpful list of the different roles involved in making the event such a success and the groups that fulfilled those roles this time.

Speakers - For this event the Chairs of the University political parties spoke.

Master of Ceremonies - Sixth Form Student Governor/ Student Council Chair

Audience - Sixth Form and Senior Schools and accompanying staff and parents 

Film crew - Sixth Form Film Students

Social media writers - Sixth Form Debating Society

Sound management - CU contractor with Year 10 students managing the microphones.

There's still time to join the debate. The Facebook, @studentfees, and Twitter, @feesdebate, pages are still active and ready to hear your views!