Building Camp Koodoo

Thursday, 2 May 2019

In 2011 a campaign was launched to create Camp Koodoo in memory of Henry Fair and his call to create a national youth campsite.

Since taking over the Biblins Youth Campsite in 2018, volunteers have been working to make that vision into a reality. Volunteers have toiled to create a semi-permanent camp - a huge thanks go to the volunteers of all ages who have worked during February and April to create the foundations and erect the necessary canvas.

Camp Koodoo includes a kitchen tent, mess tent, bell tents for 38. A fabulous marquee, donated by Swindon Woodcraft Folk, is drawing lots of attention from passers by already. Camp Koodoo is now taking bookings and is ideal for those groups who don’t have camping equipment of their own, or simply would prefer to arrive to a ready built camp.

April also saw a new group of volunteer wardens complete their training. Our volunteers play a vital role in greeting groups on their arrival and keeping things running smoothly. Anyone interested in volunteering as a warden should contact