Brighton Hill Fort don’t camp, they glamp!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Brighton Hill Fort held their circus extravaganza district camp in Small Dole, West Sussex at this end of the summer.

The circus themed activities ranged from acrobatics and slack-lining, to juggling ball making. In your spare time, you could always find someone to practise poi, juggling or diabolo with.


As well as circus skills, we explored ideas around travelling communities and the prejudice and discrimination they face. Other activities included capture the flag in the woods, den building, screen printing, a workshop on how to build fires and a baking workshop every morning (the individual banoffee pies and cupcakes were the biggest hits).



Many afternoons were spent making costumes for the evening programme, including cuff making, how to make bin bag outfits and tiara and crown making. In the evenings we had: a neon disco, complete with neon body paint and lip tattoos; a soirée with canapés, mocktails, Pictionary and Blackjack (with Woodcraft chips and a distribution of wealth system of course); and a cheesy disco, which the Spice Girls dropped in to following their Olympic show.






The highlight of the week was the circus wide game that the Venturers spent the whole week preparing. The evil clowns had to be avoided while completing tasks to save the Ringmaster!

The camp culminated in a skits night around the campfire and a naming ceremony that brought a tear to the eye of many.

Next summer can’t come soon enough!