Brighthelmstone projects

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Brighthelmstone District has initiated a couple of projects over December 2013 and January 2014.

The first was initiated by one of our groups in Woodingdean near Brighton. Nomad Pioneer leader Mark Hedgecock obtained 200 saplings of various trees and organised a planting in Lockwood Park. Lots of Elfins, Pioneers and adults braved a horrible rainy day to plant all the trees with the help of the Sussex Wildlife Trust. It was a great success and covered in local media.

The other project the district is supporting involves two volunteers- one is an Elfin Leader- Angie Ross going to Uganda and working with orphans and street children. The district has fully funded a week long camp, based on activities that were run at our Summer camp in 2013. Angie and the other volunteer - Shona, have managed to raise additional funds and been donated laptops etc to give to the organisation working with the orphaned children. Upon returning to the UK in six months time Angie and Shona intend to organise an art exhibition of the young people's work from Brighton and Uganda. There may be further opportunities to build solidarity and possible exchanges in future years.

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