#BigCampIn a success

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Weary eyed and back at our desks we reflect on a success #BigCampIn!

Children, young people and families from across the Uk joined in #BigCampIn activities with many building dens to sleep in on Friday and Saturday night. Eggy Bread was prepared and demonstrated by Andy Flinn of Bromley District, wide games played, craft activities, a quiz and a merrymoot - all the essential ingredients of a Woodcraft Folk camp without any mud or equipment to dry/clean!

Merrymoot was fantastic experience, we had singing, poems, jokes and some amazing instrumental skills including someone playing the euphonium! Which is something that is definitely too big to carry to a usual camp in your rucksack. 
Camp cook off I agree some wonderful Guacamole from Bromley, loads of eggy bread, some wonderful campfire muffins from Cheltenham and yummy looking camp pizza from South Norwood! 

For more #BigCampIn activities please visit https://dreambigathome.uk/big-camp-in/

A big thanks to the #DreamBigAtHome team, especially Lauren and Tommaso for organising the activities.

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