A Big Hello To Tommaso!

Friday, 20 March 2020
Dear Woodcraft Folk friends, members and volunteers, 
My name is Tommaso, and I will be working at the Folk office in London for the next 7 months, helping with the preparation of Common Ground.

 Occasionally, I will also be traveling to some local Woodcraft districts and groups around the country, and meet some of you.
My volunteer placement is funded by the European Union through a programme called the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), which, in short, gives young people from Europe aged between 18 and 30 the opportunity to do a volunteering/job experience abroad in a project that fits their interests and skills. If you haven’t heard about ESC, and are still within the age range, or know someone who is, I encourage you to look into it, as there might be projects you might be interested in. All the living and travel costs are covered. It is a really good opportunity to meet other young people from different countries and cultures and make new friends. Feel free to contact me if you want more information about how it works :). 
A bit about myself: I am 24, I was born in Italy (Milan), but grew up and went to school in Brussels, which I consider my home. During my free time I like to read and write about politics and global issues, play football, take walks in nature, cook, and just have a good time with friends and family :). I was lucky to grow up abroad and meet with many people from many different countries since I was young, learn different languages (I can speak Italian, English, French and Spanish), and learn about the importance and value of solidarity, internationalism, and intercultural exchanges. During the past few years I have been involved in different projects and helping refugees in different countries in Europe. I spent the winter of 2017 in Calais, at the French-UK border, distributing food and clothing to refugees in the region who were trying to cross the Channel and reach the UK. I then volunteered for a small NGO in Athens, Greece, teaching English and organizing different social activities for refugees. Most recently, I helped a local charity in Belgrade teaching English to refugees
in Serbia. 
I first heard of Woodcraft Folk from a friend who is active in the German Falcons in September of last year, and who had met some of you during an international camp in 2016. After coming across the Common Ground placement opportunity, I did a bit of research and reading about the organization and the Camp (which sounds really exciting!), and was happy to see that its principles and values
really matched mine, and decided to apply. I really like the participatory and democratic nature of Woodcraft, as well as its very inclusive and progressive spirit. I am also interested in all the different campaigns around climate change, gender equality, anti-racism etc. that it organizes.
I am looking forward to get to know and learn from you all, and am very excited about preparing and participating in Common Ground camp this summer! 
If you need to contact me, this is my email address: tommaso.segantini@woodcraft.org.uk
All the best, let’s support each other during these uncertain times,