Annual Gathering 2019 - Empowering young people

Monday, 13 May 2019

 Young people at the heart of Woodcraft Folk’s democracy

In keeping with Woodcraft Folk’s new strategic plan this year’s Annual Gathering focuses on empowering children and young people. The event has been combined with VCamp pre-camp and the programme has been developed with targeted workshops for Pioneers and Venturers, including sessions led by Venturers.

Sessions include:

  • Introduction to the Stop the Arms Trade Fair by Newham Venturers
  • New to Annual Gathering workshops by Standing Orders Committee which has supported the participation of two Venturers throughout 2018/19
  • The true cost of fashion
  • Climate Emergency and what local group can do
  • How to take good photos skill share

Venturer Committee will also be playing some games to learn about democracy, including an election game and a mock government game

Excitingly motions submitted for discussion at Woodcraft Folk’s Annual General Meeting have been written by Pioneers and Venturers and represent their issue. The motions call for:

  • One member one vote for all young members
  • Constitutional amendments enabling motions to be amended at conference rather than only in advance
  • A national Pioneer camp similar to VCamp
  • Commitment to use renewable energy on camp
  • Production of more badges

Event organisers hope that Pioneers and Venturers will be supported by their groups and Districts to take on delegate roles. To help prepare and explore the views of your whole group a resource, produced by the TREE project, should help you run a group night session in preparation for Annual Gathering.

To book your place please visit The booking deadline June 7th.


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