Aims and Principles of Woodcraft Folk - Webinar Series

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

There will be a series of webinars starting 6th February to explore how we can put Woodcraft Folk’s aims and principles into action whilst running our groups. The webinars are taking each aim and principle of Woodcraft Folk and presenting how members can support children to engage and explore them. This will involve bringing together the outcome matrix, badge work and will reflect on age appropriate ways to engage our youngest members in our values. We will discuss activities from Woodcraft Folk leader books and other resources available to all and look at things to consider when delivering sessions. Each webinar will have space for everyone attending to share ideas and ask questions. The webinars will run through goto meeting and links will be found once you have booked in online.

Please book in on the website and join us on these dates:

Webinars (all booked for 7.30pm - 8.00pm):

06/02/18 - Co-operative and sharing approach to life 
12/02/18 - The Rights of the Child
20/02/18 - A world at peace
08/03/18 - Education for social change
16/03/18 - One world
22/03/18 - Inclusion
26/03/18 - International Understanding


Please book in through the calendar (remember you must be logged into the Woodcraft Folk website to book). -

Any questions do not hesitate to contact either or