23-25 Aug: European youth come together

Friday, 12 July 2013

In the context of the crisis we all face, social movements exist, but act separately. Moreover, all over the world, the youth are becoming more visible: from the Arab Spring to the Indignados movement, from Occupy Wall Street to the protests of the Chilian students.  The youth have the potential to be a a strong force in  civil society!

EuroPie  comes as a direct response to these issues and carries the message of solidarity, engagement in civil society and youth empowerment, claiming the building of a shared European space. As vital as it is to act locally where we live, we also cannot forget the importance of becoming visible and acting collectively on a larger scale.

EuroPie will be a meeting place where young people engaged in local initiatives can share, discuss and connect through direct actions.  EuroPie aims at being one of the necessary checking points in social movements' calendar where alternatives are being built and collective actions, at a larger scale are planned.

EuroPie is an open space, co-built, in the spirit of participative democracy, inclusiveness and horizontality where a variety of youth-led activities can take place. The main themes are: transition, reclaim democracy, social justice, hack n’ wiki, fair play economy, water, education, climate, artivism and reGeneration.  Bring your ideas along to be part of the EuroPie dynamic!

Also if you want to contribute to this event by being a volunteer please send us an email to benevoles.europie@gmail.com

Join us to strengthen solidarity in Europe!

EuroPie is open to young people aged 16+. 

For more information:

Website- Europie.org    

Blog-  http://theevent2013.wordpress.com

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Europie-Festi-Forum-2013/420061404752713

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For direct contact please email- alisonleonard@live.co.uk