‘Thumbs up from all’ for Bushcraft Camp at Woodcraft Park Farm

Friday, 13 October 2017

We've been hearing great things about the Bushcraft Camp which took place at the end of September with calls for longer camps and repeat visits! 

Thirty four intrepid campers (and five day visitors) from Hornsey, Lewisham & Greenwich, Tolworth & Kingston, Waltham Abbey, Walton on Thames and the brand new Greater Farnham Woodcraft Folk camped at our own Woodcraft Park Farm with tents set up on the edge of the woods and bushcraft activities in the new bushcraft area within the woods adjacent to the camp.

A wide range of activities was on offer with building rocket stoves, cooking in groups, the Nature Detective game and the Shave Horse activities being particularly popular.

Wet weather meant it was difficult for the younger members to find wood sufficiently dry to keep their fires going long enough to cook over, some of the young people who had made rocket stoves still managed to cook their brunch on them.

Dick Tyte told us,

‘Fortunately, the kitchen fire range was burning well throughout so those who hadn’t succeeded with their own cooking were fed with a combined effort from the KP’s and Keeper of the Fire!’

Members of Greater Farnham Woodcraft Folk, including some for their first ever Woodcraft camp, said they really enjoyed themselves and want to come again and Waltham Abbey have made some great suggestions for future camps and given this one a ‘thumbs up from all’!

There are more great photographs on the Woodcraft Park Farm Facebook pages here.

If you would like to know a bit more about these and other bushcraft activities, including resources for the Nature Detectives and the Shave Horse activities, click here.