New Group Buddy

The Woodcraft Folk has always prided itself on the interaction between members; skills sharing and spanning the world with friendship at the same time. It’s this strength that we can use to help build and further our movement, through a new buddy system to support fledgling groups.

Are you a new group? 

Contact Folk Office to request a buddy


Do you have some experience to share? 

If you know how to run a successful Woodcraft group, then you could help to facilitate this venture, which is like a national game of secret friends, but without the secrecy! Your knowledge of Woodcraft could mean that a new group can be set up smoothly, and leaders who are new to Woodcraft feel they have someone to call on from within the movement when in need of advice.


HOW does it work?
As a buddy you will be matched for a year with a new group, ideally geographically close to your District and most likely with a new lone group.

WHY are we doing this?
Evidence tells us that new groups are more likely to be sustainable if they have access to support from an experienced Woodcrafter.

WHAT do I need to be a buddy?
A passion for Woodcraft, patience, ability to encourage, time and great Woodcraft know-how!

WHAT is in it for me?
You will receive expenses to support the new group, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported Woodcraft top reach out to new communities.


What is the role of a buddy?

All buddies will be offered training and given guidance material to assist new groups to get to grips with getting the basics in place. You will not be expected to know everything or be an expert, but support the group to access training, advice and support.

As a buddy your role will be to:

• Keep in regular contact with the new group leader, by email, phone or whatever form works for you and just check that they are doing well and discuss what requirements they may have.
• Visit them 4 times in the year and help encourage them to see existing Woodcraft groups in practice.
• Support them to complete all the membership and registration admin
• Facilitate a meeting of the adult volunteers who aim to help with the new group
• Support access of adults to internal and external training as well as attendance at regional and national events
• Be a friendly face to rely on

For more information contact Leanne Powell our Membership & Groups Officer at 

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