New volunteers and leaders

Interested in volunteering? Find out how

For our new volunteers and leaders (and existing leaders who want some new ideas), we've got loads of online resources to help you run groups, organise camps, facilitate activities and even set up new groups. Take a look at:

FAQs for new Woodcraft groups - includes answers to the frequently asked questions about setting up and running groups that will be useful to those setting up new groups, as well as those taking on leadership roles for the first time.

Group night activities - the resources section of the website is full of ideas for leaders. Get inspiration from others and find some dowloadable activitiy plans for groups.

Some resource packs that might be particularly useful are:

Training opportunities - you'll find a wealth of Woodcraft Folk training options explained here. 

Resources - our online resources catalogue also contains lots of useful resources to help districts and groups run smoothly. Here are some useful places to start:

Finally, keep in touch! Join discussions with other members and find out what's going on by linking in with our social media: