NCS session plans and programme

This is the download page for all the NCS session plans and programmes for the facilitators to use.

The download starts with the general information and then move onto session plans in order of the weeks you need them. 

Please keep in mind that Woodcraft Folk has completed projects with NCS. This material should be used for reference purposes only.

Summer Programme 2015.docx31.92 KB
Woodcraft Folk NCS Summer Programme - 13th July.docx19.35 KB
Woodcraft Folk NCS Summer Programme - 27th July.docx19.22 KB
Woodcraft Folk NCS Summer Programme - 10th Aug.docx19.31 KB
NCS Kitlist 2015.docx13.68 KB
Code of Conduct 2015.docx13.91 KB
140530 Session plan WcF a&p NCS ethos.docx19.59 KB
Campfire Cooking.docx13.85 KB
Confident Building.docx14.06 KB
Dare to Be Yourself.docx15.93 KB
Debating Session.docx14.15 KB
Deciding as a group.docx14.33 KB
Democracy workshop.docx13.48 KB
End of week evaluation.docx13.68 KB
Facilitation skills.docx14.08 KB
Facilitation skills.docx14.08 KB
Introduction Session.docx14.61 KB
Junk Session.docx14.02 KB
Lanterns Sculptures.docx14.44 KB
Party.docx12.8 KB
Reflection Pact.docx24.21 KB
Session for another group.docx14 KB
Skill Sharing.docx13.63 KB
Set up camp and teams Session.docx29.65 KB
Team 1 Programme Outline - Dare Week 1.docx12.83 KB
Why are we here and programme planning.docx14.49 KB
Woodcraft Folk Tents.docx14.33 KB
Working together.docx15.71 KB
Community Projects – Summer.docx13.89 KB
Cooperative Sports.docx11.81 KB
Project Planning.docx14.05 KB
Team 1 Programme Outline - Discover Week 2.docx12.7 KB
Team reforming and week planning.docx14.33 KB
What is a project.docx13.21 KB
Why Community Visiting.docx13.7 KB
Action Planning.docx13.25 KB
In the community session.docx13.95 KB
Planning Presentation.docx12.87 KB
Post-Graduation.docx13.49 KB
Resourcing.docx13.37 KB
Stall Planning.docx13.51 KB
NCS Session Log.doc125 KB