The mentoring programme was developed in order to help young people in the Woodcraft Folk who were keen to take on more responsibility or who were interested in trying new roles. The emphasis was on supporting young people interested in leadership. The programme recruited volunteer Mentors and matched them with a young person or a group of young people needing their support.

Mentors offered encouragement and support to their Mentees while providing them with opportunities to try new things and develop the confidence to take on new responsibilities. Young people might need support in anything from getting involved as volunteers at group nights, promoting or budgeting for an event, running campaigns or being a KP at camp.

We are trying to develop a new approach to mentoring. Mentoring has been widely used in other sectors – most notably in business, in youth work with disaffected young people, and with under-achievers in schools. Whilst all these models have things to offer, none of them are immediately transferable to our situation. For example, there are often power and hierarchical dimensions to the relationships between mentors and mentees in business settings, and knowledge and achievement differentiations between the participants in school mentoring projects. There have been few examples of a scheme like the one run by Woodcraft Folk where mentoring was intended to enhance democracy and access to participation.

The mentoring course was developed by the Cooperative College and anyone who joined the Woodcraft Folk Mentoring Scheme was offered the opportunity to register for and, on fulfilling certain requirements, be awarded the ASDAN Peer Mentoring Award.

Although TREE isn’t running the Mentoring Scheme anymore, the idea continues around the Folk as we believe having a mentor can give young people the added confidence and support to help them think about roles they would be interested in taking. A group night activity for anyone interested in running introductory sessions at your local group with young people is available to download below as well as other information for parents/ guardians and some publicity materials about the scheme.

Below you can download a 'Mentoring Group Night Session' for anyone interested in running introductory sessions with young people to help them to think about roles they would be interested in taking on, where having a mentor might give them the added confidence and support. There is also some further information for parents / guardians and some publicity materials about the scheme.

We would like to hear from people interested in mentoring and people who would like to try a new role and would appreciate some support.



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