Managing Behaviour

Managing Behaviour Policy and resources page

To support groups with managing challenging behaviour, Woodcraft Folk have created a policy and set of guidance. These can be download below. A webinar on the subject can be found HERE

A bitesize session on managing behaviour in your group can be found HERE on our website. 

The list is sorted into sections:

  • Managing Behaviour Policy inc Drugs & Alcohol Policy

  • Guidance on key areas of behaviour management: Anti Bullying and Behavioural Management

  • Recording incidents and communicating them

  • Set groundrules with a group

  • Case studies of behaviour management in Woodcraft Folk

  • Training sessions for volunteers

  • Example documents 

  • Theory behind behaviour management 

Managing behaviour guidance.docx29.71 KB
Behaviour Guidance for all Groups available in the Elfin Handbook121.97 KB
DF Behavioural Management Guide.docx38.16 KB
Anti bullying guidance 2016.pdf157.2 KB
Behaviour Incident report form.docx34.8 KB
Incident recording flowchart.docx29.19 KB
Group night log.doc125 KB
Groundrules pictures and discussion prompts for age 3+.docx495.55 KB
Groundrules discussion prompts for age 6+.pdf292.93 KB
Human Knot ground rule session.docx48.38 KB
Example group groundrules.docx9.23 KB
TREE case study template - Woodcraft NCS.docx262.02 KB
TREE case study template - Bradley Stoke Elfin & Pioneers.docx261.79 KB
TREE case study template - Managing Behaviour Elfins.docx267.68 KB
Managing Behaviour training session plan.docx15.74 KB
Positive behaviour handout.docx743 KB
Stroud Valley Group Guardian JD plus inclusion post.doc31.5 KB
Example - Managing behaviour support chart.docx30.71 KB
Example - NCS Code of Conduct 2015.docx13.91 KB
Managing behaviour scenarios to discuss.docx739.91 KB
Managing behaviour summaries of theoretical models.docx28.07 KB
What is Challenging behaviour.docx743.36 KB
DYP Bataris Box.pdf35.09 KB
DYP Kolbs Learning Cycle.pdf36.92 KB
Match stick puzzles.pdf1.36 MB