Local fundraising hub

Welcome to our local fundraising hub!

We hope it will become a central resource for Woodcraft districts looking for funds, successful applications, great projects and people with skills and time to give to our cause. (NB: for information on how you can support Woodcraft Folk through donations or fundraising, see our supporting Woodcraft Folk page.)

The fundraising group is made up of volunteers and staff. It's a great group, full of energy and enthusiasm and it's open to people who want to join us. So, if you're interested (whether you're experienced at writing grant bids, fundraising or just enthusiastic), please get in touch with us by emailing funding@woodcraft.org.uk.

How can we help you?

Finding funding couldn't be any easier! Please edit and use the Awards for All example bids for groups and districts locally, including funding for camping equipment and new groups, which you can download below. There are also many other types of example fundraising applications below.

How to claim Gift Aid on donations to your district?

How to raise funds through local fundraising initiatives?

How to make sure your fundraising complies with the Fundraising Code of Practice?

How to find sources of funding and advice on grant applications?

How to use JustGiving to raise funds for your district??

How to affiliate to local trade union branches

Treasurer Newsletters

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a page of FAQs for treasurers, which we will build upon as we receive new questions. You can find the page here.

Funding bids policy

Finally, just a reminder of our funding bids policy, which is available here. We welcome any thoughts or queries on this; please send them to funding@woodcraft.org.uk

If you have any questions, would like a second set of eyes on YOUR fundraising plans or grant application or would like to get in touch about anything else, please do. We are always open to new members as a group, too. Join us!

Blue skies

The Fundraising Group

Planning your funding bid.pdf126.54 KB
Steps to a successful funding application.pdf259.81 KB
Common reasons for funding bid failure.pdf176.72 KB
Awards for All - new Woodcraft group model application.pdf598.3 KB
Awards for All - Leicester Woodcraft Folk marquee application.pdf938.57 KB
Awards for All - Penarth Woodcraft Folk bushcraft application.pdf821.43 KB
Awards for All - Bushcraft Training.pdf961.32 KB
Awards for All - Hounslow Woodcraft Folk.pdf3.47 MB
Stroud Valleys Grassroots App - Capacity building.pdf263.58 KB
Gwerin application to Russell commission.pdf75.1 KB
Gwerin application to DfID.pdf119.47 KB
Hebden Bridge WF small grants-application.pdf143.53 KB
Gwerin renewable energy trailer application.pdf128.18 KB
Gwerin application to WCVA for volunteer development.pdf323.94 KB
Leicester application to Community Forum Budgets.pdf387.52 KB