Life after Venturers

Below is a growing list of ideas for what you can do in Woodcraft Folk when you're a DF, young Kinsfolk or simply someone who has moved away from their original District and doesn't have a defined role in Woodcraft Folk at the moment. Feel free to add, amend or get in touch with new ideas.

  • Find your local group wherever you're currently living and offer to volunteer (look at the Volunteer Guide for an idea of local roles).
  • If there isn't a group local to you, you could find some like-minded people and set one up.
  • TWIN your old District with your new District and help them support each other.
  • Set up a Woodcraft Folk group or society at your college or university.
  • Contribute to one of Woodcraft Folk's current campaigns.
  • Working to keep your local DF group going? Look at the DF area of the website for the latest news, resources and upcoming events for DFs, keep up to date with Spanthatworld for national DF activities and resources, and don't forget that the games and information aimed at Elfins and Pioneers can also be fun / useful for DFs too! Game of Duck Duck Goose, anyone?
  • Become a mentor and support other people in Woodcraft Folk who are doing roles you are confident in doing, or get a mentor to help support you in a new role you have taken on.
  • Get involved in planning and running a regional or national camp - Venturer Camp is every three years; International Camps are about every five years and there are lots of regional camps in between - they all have many roles that need filling, like: co-ordinators, KPs, site services, stewards and programme providers.  Look out for 'job adverts' on the website and in regional and national newsletters.  There is information about taking on a role at a big camp in our Big Camp Guide.
  • Join one of General Council's committees 'Campaigns and Communications' or 'Education and Groups' and get involved in steering where Woodcraft Folk is going in these areas.
  • Join one of General Council's working groups, working with volunteers and staff to deliver our Big Plan, including focusses on outdoor adventure; fundraising and our international links.
  • Flex your journalistic or editorial muscles and get involved with The Courier, Woodcraft Folk's termly newspaper.
  • If you are based in London then volunteer at Folk Office and help to support our staff team and thousands of other volunteers across the country.