Keeping financial records etc

This page is intended to help you maintain good financial records.

Please find below links to some guidance on simple financial records.

If you’d like us to send you an Income & Expenditure Sheet for your Group/District (more info. in the guidance below), please contact Ros (Ros Epson, Finance Volunteer -

Please also find below available for download:

  • Bank reconciliation sheet
  • Subs payment tracker

Groop: in the future, Groop will provide certain functionality to help with financial record keeping but this is still in development. More information about Groop can be found at

If you have any questions, contact

Simple financial records guidance

You will find a standard set of record keeping guidance below along with a set of guidance which covers the use of cash. There are various "annexes" which are relevant to both sets of guidance.

Standard version: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up - you need three things
  3. Blank Income & Expenditure Sheet (read only)
  4. Running your financial records

Version including cash handling:

  1. Introduction (version inc. cash)
  2. Setting up - you need four things (version inc. cash)
  3. Blank Income & Expenditure Sheet (version inc. cash) - read only
  4. Running your financial records (version inc. cash)
  5. Handling cash

Annexes (relevant to both sets of guidance):

Bank reconciliation sheet (Nov 19).xls53.5 KB
Subs payment tracker.xls25.5 KB