How Folk Supply Works

The Mission

Folk Supply is a business run by Woodcraft Folk. According to its Full Mission Statement it's purpose is to:

  • Provide a service to the members of Woodcraft Folk
  • Create a stream of unrestricted revenue* to national Woodcraft Folk
  • To promote Woodcraft Folk through original and innovative designs and products

(*unrestricted revenue means flexible money that can help support any part of Woodcraft Folk)

The Team

Folk supply is run by a team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about fantastic clothes, useful gadgets, ethical manufacturing and presenting Woodcraft Folk for the 21st century. Currently on the team are:

Leanne Powell - Queen of ethical sourcing on a budget. Leanne is one of the members of staff employed by Folk Supply to make sure it happens, looks beautiful and doesn't break the bank.

Tanya Harris - The longest serving volunteer member of the Folk Supply team and a regular fixture behind the Folk Supply till at Annual Gathering. Tanya is a Venturer leader from Spelthorne who has also volunteered on GC and is one-time secretary of the South East Region.

Carly Walker-Dawson - Currently Woodcraft Folk's first ever Vice Chair, Deputy. Carly is volunteering Woodcraft Folk’s continental organisation in Berlin as well as volunteering with Folk Supply.

Sarah McDonell - A real Folk Supply veteran, 23 years' retail experience plus as a single mum has learnt how to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, so to speak! Passionate about making Folk Supply bigger & better and has helped tripple Folk Supply's turnover since getting involved. Sarah has a particular commitment to an inclusive working style and Folk Supply's support of small workers' co-ops for sourcing products.

Kate Bowman - You may remember Kate as the first editor of the DF Zine. Now designer extraordinary and particularly passionate about involving young people in quality clothes design, Kate is one of 5 volunteers from General Council on the Folk Supply team.

Phin Harper - Often working on design projects for Woodcraft in his capacity as Press & Media Officer, Phin volunteers with Folk Supply always asking "What does this say about Woodcraft?".

Tom Dunnill - Long time woodcrafter Tom run groups in London's White City, and as one of the General Council volunteers on the team brings his expert chairing to the group.

Pat Hunter - A leader from Boveny District, Pat is the last but in no sense least member of the Folk Supply team in this list. Like most Pat juggles many Woodcraft Hats on top of Folk Supply, including helping run the staff committee of Woodcraft Folk.

Folk Supply Needs You!

It's not easy running folk supply. Balancing a budget, keeping track of hundreds of different items, mailing, sorting, sourcing and not to mention designing the products in the first place! However we're committed to developing ideas from the movement into real products we can all enjoy. That's why everything from the recent Woodcraft hoodies to CoCamp clothes, badges, new car stickers & new bags have been inspired by, developed from or even entirely designed by young members of Woodcraft Folk. Now that CoCamp's over we're on the look out for great new ideas to help make Folk Supply better than ever:

  • What do you like from Folk Supply? Why?
  • What are you less keen on? Why? Do you think others feel the same way?
  • What do you wish Woodcraft Folk would make that it doesn't? Tents? Wellies? Bespoke staircases?

Get in touch by e-mail using
or post us your ideas at this address:

Folk Supply
Units 9/10
83 Crampton Street
SE17 3BQ


Want to volunteer on the Folk Supply Board?

The exact system used for people wanting to help on the folk supply team is still under construction. Currently there are 2 members of staff and 5 volunteers elected from General Council but we're hoping to work out a way where anybody can stand for election - maybe even with portfolios of work. Stay tuned for more news but If you really want to get more involved just drop us an e-mail - we won't bite and are always keen for help.