How to apply for Action Project funding

Download the form

Applications are now open for projects starting in Spring 2014 so download the simple form at the foot of this page and fill it with your ideas over the winter. Make the most of your cold winters instead together and plan exciting stuff for the coming year.

Possible Action Project ideas

Here is a few possible ideas to get you thinking:

  • Printing press partnership
  • Ethical living
  • Rent a shop to raise money to give to a charity
  • Hoover up things/ clean up the community
  • Better use of wasted space –such as play out or BMX tracks
  • Outdoors but not bushcraft day
  • Den building 

Tips for making a great application

  • To make a good application, you’ll need to be really clear about what you want to do, who the project is aimed at, how you’ll achieve your goals and how you’d spend the money we give you.
  • If you’d like some activities to help develop ideas and plans as a group, download our free resources pack or group night activities.
  • If there’s not enough space in the boxes to write everything that you want to say on the application form, please continue on a separate sheet and attach it to the rest of the form when you return it to us. If you would like to send any extra information or supporting material, such as pictures and photographs with your application, please include that too.

Where and when to send it

Please email applications to or post to:

Woodcraft Folk
Units 9 & 10
83 Crampton Street
SE17 3BF

The upcoming closing date is Sunday 2nd of March 2014

Please note that due to restrictions on our funding, applications to the Action Project scheme are open to Pioneers, Venturers and DFs in England only.

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