Kindertransport memories

Nine months before the outbreak of World War Two, a rescue mission was launched to transport thousands of children - most of them Jewish - from Nazi Germany and the occupied territories of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Free City of Danzig.

The children travelled without their parents by train, and the mission became known as the Kindertransport.

The United Kingdom took in nearly 10,000 children who were placed in homes, hostels and on farms, and many Woodcraft Folk members were involved in rescuing and taking care of some of these children.

These two extracts, from women who were brought to the UK, show how important their role was:

Zusana Medusova was a member of Die Rote Falken. Her extract was written in 1998 for a Prague magazine, Rosh Chodesh, and quoted in Mary Davis's book, Fashioning a New World: A History of the Woodcraft Folk.

Susanna Pearson and her mother were both involved in the Rote Falken movement in Prague in the 1930s. Her account was published in Survival: Holocaust Survivors Tell Their Story, (The Quill Press in association with The Aegis Trust).