Harlow Geocaching Event

Harlow Woodcraft folk Geo-caching project


Harlow woodcraft folk received a £500 grant to run a Geo-caching project in the community. We were inspired by a geo-caching day that Spelthorne woodcraft folk held in west London, we wanted to replicate this here.

With the £500 we brought 2 GPS devices and accessories, 7 hoodies with “Harlow Woodcraft Folk geo-caching” printed on them. We also used the money for our venturers to attend V-camp so they could practice talking to people outside their social circle and practice and fine tune the workshop they would then go onto run at a community event in Harlow. At this event they prepared a power point presentation, explaining what Geo-caching is, and woodcrafts’ involvement in it, hopefully encouraging other groups to take this back with them. The first attempt at running the workshop was un-successful as no-one turned up to the event . we felt this was for 2 reasons; the workshop wasn’t publiciseddkmxopu egg by us, or V-committee and our venturers weren’t well known in the venture movement. We then created a short video for the evening news, to re-run the activity the next day. This time the activity was more successful, with more people turning up. The Q&A session after the presentation went well, and I think it boosted their confidence, as it was people of their own age they were talking to. The activity part of the workshop was successful , with participants finding the caches while being guided by our venturers.

The choice of location was key for our community event, we decided to hold it in a gated nature reserve, this allowed us to give out the GPS devices knowing we would defiantly get them back, it also meant that the public wouldn’t get lost. Our venturers used Facebook to publicise the event, to try and attract people of their age group to come. The nature reserve also publicised it with their own contacts, in schools etc.

On the day of the event there was intermittent rain, but despite this we had 3 families with young children come along. We had set out an easy, medium, and hard set of caches, which all the families opted for. It was very exciting for the elfin aged children that came, they enjoyed looking in the hiding places. We gave out leaflets publicising our group, and talked to those that came, but so far they haven’t showed up at group nights. We are looking to do more stuff in the town, like placing our woodcraft geo-coin in Harlow and joining other public geo caching events.

Over all we feel this event was successful as the participants enjoyed themselves, and learnt something about geo-caching. We were held back by the weather and it would have been better to have done the event in the summer, as more people would have come, and stayed longer. Also if we did it in conjunction with an event the nature reserve were already holding would have been better.

"I thought the event was pretty damn successful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite the grim weather. Personally, I can't wait to go again, as it was totally not a waste of time."

            - Samuel Geoffrey Gurnett III.