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About Hands In!

Hands In! were UK-wide activities set up by the TREE Steering Group for the spring term (January to March), when groups across our movement have been doing activities to link us together as one. In the past  we've created beautiful quilts and had fun geocaching.

By participating in Hands In groups can continue to link together through shared activities that reflect our aims and principles. Many of you will remember your first experience of a national Woodcraft Folk event and the amazing feeling of being part of a movement where anything is possible. This feeling is too important to leave behind when we pack away our tents... Some people are members of the Folk for years before finding out what happens beyond their group, and others never do.

Have a look below to get some inspiration from the current and previous years Hands In project: 

Hands In! 2020 - Span the world with friendship 

This year’s ‘Hands In’ activities are focused on spanning the world in friendship as weprepare for Common Ground. Activities also include fundraising ideas to help all groups  have enough funds to be sustainable and engage in activities. To download you pack click here. Any questions about 'Hands In' email Debs McCahon deborah.mccahon@woodcraft.org.uk.


 Hands In! 2019 - Global Citizenship

The Hands In theme for 2019 is Global Citizenship. Attached is this year's pack to support our groups with exploring the theme of International Friendship & Global Citizenship in preparation of for International camp 2020, 'Common Ground'. The pack has over 10 group night activities for all ages and plenty suggestions on how you can explore the theme further. To download your copy click here. Any questions email deborah.mccahon@woodcraft.org.uk


Hands In! 2018 - Diversity & Inclusion 

The ‘Hands In’ theme is diversity and inclusion, and this pack has been created to support groups to explore the following issues: disadvantage and discrimination, disability awareness and how to make Woodcraft Folk groups more representative of their local community. A number of activities have been created for you to explore this topic at your group nights and look at how you can widen participation. To download you pack click here. Any questions about 'Hands In' email Debs McCahon deborah.mccahon@woodcraft.org.uk

Hands In! 2017   - Shaping the Woodcraft Folk's strategic plan

In 2017 Hands In activities were all linked to gathering feedback from children and young people about the things they enjoy in Woodcraft Folk and the things they wish to improve. The feedback received would inform some of Woodcraft Folk's strategic plan from 2018. For more detail about Hands In 2017 please click here


Hands In! 2016 - Woodcraft Folk 90th Anniversary 

This year's Hands In was a celebration of our 90th anniversay. We asked Groups to explore the Folk's heritage and discuss their aspirations for the movement. Our young members collected oral histories from their group members, created scrapbooks of their Woodcraft Folk memories, made heritage trails and some attended the roaming 90th Anniversay exhibition all with the aim to the achieve their heritage sew on badge. For more details about the activities and if you want to try some of them out at your next group night click here


Hands In! 2014 – Linking us together through stories

It’s great to receive something in the post but this happens less and less with the age of emails and texts. So for 2014 Hands In! we wanted to reclaim the pen and paper and use it to help link us all together. In 2014 we decided on three possible creative writing activities to give more choice in how groups get involved:

Click here to find out what happened.


Hands In! 2013 - Geocaching 

For Hands In 2013 we asked Woodcraft groups to venture outdoors with one aim and one aim alone; CACHE!! (not to be confused with cash...) Find out what happened by clicking here.


Hands In 2012 – Regional Quilts 

Click here to find out what happened for Hands In! in 2012. 

Helpful links:

Hands In Case study

Group night activity plans for geo-caching, quilt-making, poetry etc 

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