Hands In 2013

Hands In 2013

For Hands In 2013 Woodcraft groups ventured outdoors with one aim and one aim alone; CACHE!! (not to be confused with cash...) The group just needed a waterproof box and a little bit of creativity to get involved.  


Woodcraft groups created their own geocaches on a group night. They planned what to put in their geocache box and encouraged everyone to contribute ideas of what represents their group. This was anything from badges to small pieces of craft. They then found a  safe place to leave it in the local area, once placed they logged it on the Geocache website. The caches are now being discovered daily by fellow caches, who all learn about Woodcraft and get a friendly gift to take away. 



  • Over 40 groups got involved in Geocaching from making their own to finding others
  • 900 postcards were sent out for groups to put in their cache
  • 100 Geocoins were sent out to groups to set them free into the geocaching world 
  • The furtherest coin has travelled to Switzerland, see the log here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4416483
  • We have had over 150 finds of Woodcraft caches so far 


Hands In 2013 Geocache

The caches are:


Hands In Geocoins

At Leaders Old and New the first Woodcraft Hands In 2013 Geocoins were set free on their adventures:

  • Woodcraft Folk Cheshunt (travelled 65miles) with the goal To travel the UK visiting YHA Hostels:


  • Woodcraft Folk Leaders Old and New (travelled 50miles) with the goal To meet Leaders Old and New:


Since then more coins have been released, they can be found here:



Hands in 2013 Stories

Geocaching for Hands In 2013 has created new experiences and stories for our members such as this one from Swindon Woodcraft Folk:

I spoke to Bernie Marsh, one of the leaders and he explained the benefits to his district:

"It was a great activity for all our groups to get involved in and it really helped them all to cooperate in one activity. The biggest benefit has been the new interest in the district which has already led to us recruiting two new families. This has mainly been down to the postcards that are included in the pack. We customised these by colouring them in and then added our contact details to the back as the pack explained. While we couldn’t promote Woodcraft through the cache description, we were able to do it through the postcards.

Basically I recommend you go on and do it, it’s a good activity and could be something new for your groups to do."

Download the full article and other stories from this page. 

Missed Hands in 2013 but still want to go Geocaching? Then download the Hands In 2013 group pack below.  


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